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"I was curious to see how the people that messaged me would respond," Boniface told The Huffington Post.

"Often when I get messages on that site simply complimenting me I just ignore them because the compliments are never sincere and I see no reason to respond, so I thought I would try out a simple response of 'yes' and see what would happen" She quickly found out that most dudes did Boniface said she thinks that the negative response might have "a lot to do with how some men believe that they have the power to tell women what they are, without considering that women have already acknowledged this themselves." "Retracting the compliment seems to be sort of a confused response," she said.

Bateman told The Huffington Post she wanted to introduce the experiment to her following because she thought it made an important point about how women are treated on the Internet.

Bateman then began responding to her own "complimentary" messages in a similar fashion, including those received through Twitter direct message, Facebook and texting. Below are a few of them, which she provided to Huff Post: "Many responses state how 'vain' and 'conceited' I was for agreeing with their compliment which I found baffling," Bateman said.

Within 30 months, it reached 24 million monthly active users.

This article explores the strategies, tactics, and marketing materials used during Tinder’s first year.

In order to gain user traction, Tinder had to overcome two core challenges: 1.

Social Stigma — dating applications have historically had a social stigma attached to their use.

LIFE LESSON: If a man has to explicitly state that he's a "nice guy," he's probably not one.

"They don't know what to do when a woman isn't grateful for their comments and so they take away the compliment as if this will change anything." Gweneth Bateman, an 18-year-old from the U.

K., shared Boniface's Tumblr post with her 66,700 Twitter followers.

Nothing lends more credence to this idea than the "Nice Guys Of OKCupid" Tumblr.

The blog showcases the shocking number of men on popular dating site OKCupid who have absolutely no idea what the word "nice" means.