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Match counselor dating marriage

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You may possess a lot of self-awareness of your own wounds and how they can show up in your intimate relationships. Or you have had one or more long-term relationships end, only to leave you feeling despondent when it comes to love.

You may have tried online dating, matchmaking, blind dates, speed dating, etc. With that in mind, it’s important to be aware of this fact: although you may think you know what to look for in a partner, you may be missing key pieces to compatibility and long-term relational success.

In literature and legend, at least, it's tough to bring two different worlds together.

I've asked over 500 people married 40, 50 and more years what is most important for a long and happy marriage.

You can stop attracting the wrong type and experience emotionally healthy love.

Specific challenges that can undermine or overwhelm marriages.

Many life problems impinge on marriages and can overtax otherwise adequate capacities to handle marital conflict.

I am a Licensed Marital and Family Therapist who has worked extensively with couples at different stages in their relationships.

I also was a Teaching Assistant for Marriage 101 during my graduate school years at Northwestern University in Chicago.